About Me


The Top Barber Brand is a lifestyle inspired by BJ "KUTZ" Fadairo. Born & raised in LA BJ showed passion towards the craft of barbering at a very young age. He began cutting his own hair at the age of 10, & by 14 was a local barber for his high school classmates and teammates. After his high school graduation, BJ enrolled into the Academy of Barbering Arts where he received his training. After passing the California State Board exam, he became a licensed barber at the age of 19, and began working in the barbershop. 

By 21, BJ began expanding his services and increasing his clientele; gaining the likes of many NBA, NFL & MLB Athletes. He also gained the likes of many Recording Artist's, Producers and other A-List Celebrities.

Moving forward the ultimate goal is to help inspire the youth and increase awareness of this wonderful industry we call Barbering. We offer educational courses in both group settings and 1 on 1 training. This brand was created to bring More recognition to Barber's & to create a positive movement within the barber culture, Recognizing Barber's from the moment they enter the room.